State of the Banking Industry and Latest Trends in the World of Fintech Jay Datesh (McKinsey Panorama) (az előadás angol nyelvű szinkrontolmácsolás nélkül)

The global banking industry shows signs of renewed health, particularly from a capital and cost perspective. Yet profits remain elusive and multiples are near historic lows, suggesting that investors have concerns about future profitability. This, of course, has a strong basis as a stagnating macroeconomic environment and increasing regulation will no doubt squeeze banking economics in the coming years. Digitalization represents an opportunity for banks to not only improve their financials, but also transform their business models. Fintech companies (both startups and large tech giants) are at the forefront of the digitalization of the banking industry. Many banks are moving to refine their strategies and work with these fintechs in order to accelerate their own transformations.